There comes a time in everyone’s life….

when it is time to retire the coffee cup. My Trudeau cup is the best coffee cup I have ever had. I don’t even remember where I got it…but have no fear…I found them on-line and have two replacements – one is in my car and one is in a cupboard in my desk. Identical and never used because I knew there would come a day when I would need a new one. It has been my beloved coffee cup through many car trips, 911 calls and every morning for the nectar to keep me revved. On my kitchen counter, I have a toaster, coffee pot, 2 chickens, canisters, a sensi pot, a bouquet of flowers and my matching, stacked soup bowls that the brother-in-law gave me for Christmas…everything else is put away…but I did find a spot for my coffee cup on the counter because it belongs there.


It smells like old coffee. I rinse it out every day. I was told to use white vinegar. It still smells bad. So, at some point today, I’m going to start using one of the back-ups. The end.

I join the rest of the world in total shock about the Robin William’s suicide. This depression stuff needs more attention than what the public figure of the month is doing or screwing and more attention than appendage hardeners when the moment is right and what feminine product should be used to do jumping jacks…depression is a serious medical issue…I’ve been there.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “There comes a time in everyone’s life….

  1. My dear Tracy: I’m sorry to say you just haven’t found “THE RIGHT CUP”.


  2. My problem is my favorite coffee cup changes every time I get a new cup. Each cup then has history and so I end up with a dozen “favorite” cups. I swear there have been times when I stood in front of my cabinet and had trouble deciding which cup to use. I actually end up feeling guilty for not using the other favorite cups. Ridiculous.


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