Copulating Dragon flies…..cats and pool water…..

Trying to avoid them this morning at Target was a disgusting experience…. …not only that but they were darting at mach speed towards my car – even when I was backing out they were still right there…it was some determined love going on!

As I contemplated the strange actions of insects and CATS on my way home, I remembered the strange behavior of the cats when I got home from swimming yesterday. I took off my flip flops when I came in the door and it wasn’t long until they were rolling around on them and slobbering. Truman was biting the toe strap…I gave the flip flops a bath because I could see how cats following me around drooling on my feet all day would be unpleasant.


I went to Target this morning to get some stuff. Jax needed some toys – measuring cups, whisks and tupperware bowls are just not keeping his attention anymore. I bought him a cell phone that looks like an IPhone…with the Siri button in the right place..he loved it…Hours of “Hello, this is Elmo” got a little old but he loved it.


Until next time….



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