Where’s Waldo….

I’ve been left on my own this week. He and his brother took off for California yesterday morning to visit the B.I.L’s son and take a motorcycle out to him. I’ve been getting snapshots of each state via message. I was torn with my decision to stay home..but in the end, I really had no choice because I needed to work in the shop..I also didn’t really want to think about 25 hours in the back seat of the truck with my knees pressed against my throat. I have no idea how they are going to make this trip without me – He mentioned in a text that it was hot – 106 degrees..I suggested they turn on the air conditioner…they thanked me for it. It would have been better with facial expressions and tone of voice.

Had quite a little storm here last night – heavy, heavy rain – many of my flowers have just fallen over and died because of the heavy rain the last few weeks. I replanted a couple of pots once but am in the screw-it mood now. Lost a tree along Sugarland Drive last night.

photo (2)

No other damage that I could see except for a lot of small tree debris down.

I drove into Lee’s Summit this morning to Legacy to get an hour of swim time.  Been to the storage room in the basement to find a couple of things – didn’t – but did find some other “stuff” I had forgotten about.  I’m going to try to make good use of my time alone this week.  For the most part, our retirement is quite busy and he really isn’t very demanding…but it will be nice to have the house to myself…to do my own thing…will see if I still feel the same way in a couple of days!

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo….

  1. can i get in on the nudging and winking too.


  2. Remind him that he can come back the other way. He should go to an urgent clinic to get a prescription for his arthritis. He should get one for six months so when he takes you the next time, you can take him to the drug store….nudge nudge…wink wink


  3. They took the southern most route…don’t know what they were thinking!!!


  4. Did he and his brother stop in Colorado for any refreshments?


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