There are worse things I could admit to picking…..

You pick your friends, your corn, your nose or my sad little habit of picking nail polish off of my nails. Not really just nail polish – gel nail polish. To make a short story a little longer..thanks to one of our Vapur customers, I was introduced to what I have found to be Lee’s Summit’s best kept secret…the Legacy Recreation area. Suffice to say it is an amazing amount of land which could have been made into expensive sub-divisions but instead, there are softball, baseball, soccer fields, tennis courts, frisbee golf, park, beautiful walking trail and the community center. The center houses a large gym, weights area, treadmills, yoga rooms and swimming area looking out over a lake. I signed up yesterday for a membership…costing 18.75 a month which includes any class you want to, aerobics, swim lessons, aquatic classes…an incredible deal.  I met Linda (the Vapur customer), her sister and cousin there this morning to do our own little aerobics class and swim. I loved it! But, back to the original point…after swimming, we stood around in the pool and talked. My nails looked good when I went in…

I have been having gel nails for quite sometime and it doesn’t come off…it wears well for 2 weeks..and then can only be removed with acetone…or apparently swimming pool water…I picked and picked and it came off in sheets…I tried to stop myself but as you can see, I didn’t. What’s the deal…I was kind of worried about my newly dyed hair bleaching out – not my gel nails pealing off. I’m very irritated with myself…but have to say it was reasonably satisfying to have it come off the way it did….what I now want to know is why…nail people out there…talk to me.

P>S> I didn’t get to my thumbs – they still look good…just in case you were wondering.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “There are worse things I could admit to picking…..

  1. I am excited for your recreation area! Sound wonderful. Is it close to home?


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