Oh! and by the way…you have kidney cancer…

I’ve been a lot of places since the plane arrived in Kansas City last Monday night.  All of them have been confined within a 15 mile area between our home and St Lukes Hospital in Lee’s Summit.  Many are morphine drenched dreams but most are just trying to figure out how in the hell this happened to me.

The trip to Belize.  Not great/not horrible/won’t go back!

During lunch Saturday, I started getting this twinge in my stomach – within an hour, I told him that I needed keys to the room that I wasn’t feeling good.  I made it down the steps and approximately 6 steps to our car when I yelled that I needed him to drive me to the room.  I knew I was circling the drain fast and really had no other option than to buckle down – call from my strength within and tolerate the searing pain until we could get back to the states.  The hospital was not even an option especially after I read about the Corozal hospital on-line

IMG_3599 IMG_3598

So that is what I did.  I slept – I could make it on very short little walks – airplanes, airports and thankfully wheels down KC.  After the CT scan at St Luke’s Hospital, I was told it was two abscesses/diverticulitis  which were causing the knife like pains….oh, Mrs. Brown, what we also found on the CT scan was an 8cm tumor on your left kidney which has a 90% chance is cancer.  da dada daaaa!

Prognosis is good – several docs have looked at the scan and a later one of my chest and believe that the cancer is contained in the left kidney.  They will take it out and as the urologist said – I should be able to live a long and normal life.

That’s it for now.  As many times as this revisits my head in a day, I’ll be back to talk about it all later.

Until next time….

There are worse things I could admit to picking…..

You pick your friends, your corn, your nose or my sad little habit of picking nail polish off of my nails. Not really just nail polish – gel nail polish. To make a short story a little longer..thanks to one of our Vapur customers, I was introduced to what I have found to be Lee’s Summit’s best kept secret…the Legacy Recreation area. Suffice to say it is an amazing amount of land which could have been made into expensive sub-divisions but instead, there are softball, baseball, soccer fields, tennis courts, frisbee golf, park, beautiful walking trail and the community center. The center houses a large gym, weights area, treadmills, yoga rooms and swimming area looking out over a lake. I signed up yesterday for a membership…costing 18.75 a month which includes any class you want to take..yoga, aerobics, swim lessons, aquatic classes…an incredible deal.  I met Linda (the Vapur customer), her sister and cousin there this morning to do our own little aerobics class and swim. I loved it! But, back to the original point…after swimming, we stood around in the pool and talked. My nails looked good when I went in…

I have been having gel nails for quite sometime and it doesn’t come off…it wears well for 2 weeks..and then can only be removed with acetone…or apparently swimming pool water…I picked and picked and it came off in sheets…I tried to stop myself but as you can see, I didn’t. What’s the deal…I was kind of worried about my newly dyed hair bleaching out – not my gel nails pealing off. I’m very irritated with myself…but have to say it was reasonably satisfying to have it come off the way it did….what I now want to know is why…nail people out there…talk to me.

P>S> I didn’t get to my thumbs – they still look good…just in case you were wondering.

Until next time…