To dream or not to dream

I’ve probably already used up my allotted time thinking about this but, I must move forward and discuss it.  I’ve had a few dreamless nights of late.  I know that they are not really dreamless but more likely I just don’t remember them. Then last night – quite an unlikely situation dream which I remember.  So, if I have it correct – or at least if I have it the way I like to expound about it – dreaming is our subconscious way to deal with our conscious emotions.    What we dream about has more to do with how the dreamt situation makes us feel and how we have had the same feeling in our conscious life about a situation so we are trying to work out that emotion or feeling.  So…I feel I can conclude that even if I don’t remember the dream, somewhere in “there…the dream state”, I was probably working something out emotionally and just don’t remember it?  Because, quite frankly, I have enough emotional baggage to dream 24/7 for the rest of my life…and speaking of dying…squirrel.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about these near death experiences….meeting your grandmother on the other side…and them coming back.  I have not heard anyone say it could be just a very vivid dream which comes from deep unconsciousness – so to speak…Seems very likely it could be just like some of those good or bad vivid dreams we have and when we wake up we lay there and think WHOA!

Anyway, that’s what was on my mind this morning.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “To dream or not to dream

  1. Not sure you’re looking for opinions, but I have one. haha I wonder and question everything…but I’ve had a few personal experiences in my life that make me a believer. And maybe I also choose to be because of the way I was raised. No bible thumping here, just nature….But I do believe we are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. And I don’t believe that we’re so important that THIS is all there is, I think it’s just a stop on the journey…but that’s just me. and it’s all such a personal thing, I don’t think you can believe because someone tells you should, or visa versa…it’s too personal for that.


  2. I must agree with everything you say. There are all sorts of theories on what people experience when they’re in coma’s, when they’re “dead” for a few moments, in trances, in deep meditation. The brain is so good at projecting images and storylines when we’re sleeping, why would it be any different when we’re no longer conscious for other reasons?


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