Since my last post about dreaming…I’ve been on a journey.  Seems Newton dreams and Pleasant Hill dreams are different from each other.  The morning waking up from the dream about a former fake friend and her betrayal and hatefulness kind of set the tone for the day.  Apparently I still have some anger to deal with.  I tried the route of block, ignore and move on but she is still in there somewhere dispersing ugliness.

It’s very hard to leave my grandbaby, the home and the weather to come back to Iowa.  Kind of in a funk about the job.  Not sure where I belong anymore.  I want to hand off the baton to the next supervisor so he can hit the ground running and while I’m ready to give it all up, I’m troubled with doing the job for 30 years – the massive amounts of technical information I’ve taken in the last 3 years and then what.  I just stop thinking about it?  It’s called retirement…no one really helps you prepare for it anymore than the lack of preparation when you become an empty nester.  I guess it’s one of those things you figure out as you go.  Just like everything else in life.

Not sure what I’m supposed to do today.  I’m not short on things I need to start or finish.  Just a little melancholy with a huge helping of lack of ambition.

Until next time….

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  1. Nina, blessings to you as you prepare to retire. I was the same way in my thinking and as the day drew closer, it got even worse trying to figure out where you belong in the workplace. Just keep focusing on you retirement date, remember you have done your best all these years and change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. We are not in control anyway. I’m sure you will adjust quite nicely when you are done working and get completely anchored in one place. CONGRATS to you….Hugs


  2. Dreams are so random. Yes, I do believe we can look at them and try to glean lessons from them but I wouldn’t worry too much about them. Decide what you think you should know about it and move on.

    I think it will be a big transition but look, you are already bummed when you leave your new home to head back to the old life. You will get there.


  3. I think the limbo position of not knowing where I live is driving me crazy too. Especially when we spend a week down there and just start to get some habits started and then BING back to the old life. I’m really not whining…okay…maybe I am. I’m just in a fog today.


  4. I think people like you, who think it’s important to always do the best you can for your, job, family, causes, probably have a much harder time with retirement at first. But I am absolutely positive it won’t take long at all for you to let it go once you really can let it go. The limbo portion of getting ready to leave, but not quite left, would drive me crazy.


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