Gossip has always been damaging….

But discussing the neighbor’s marital discord or the vodka flask she carries was like playing with Tinker Toys compared to today’s social media.  Being skeptical about everything and only believing half of what I hear has saved me from some embarrassing “shares” on Facebook.  That is not to say that I haven’t been taken in only to have snopes scream out LIAR.  I haven’t decided whether it is best to leave the untrue post and follow it up with snopes or to just remove the LIE and hope that there is no one gullible enough to believe it the way I did.  It almost happened yesterday with the Salvation Army vs LGBT community.  I believed what I read that the salvation army discriminated..but I paused…today I see that the Salvation Army is putting out fires saying they DO NOT discriminate against race, gender, social orientation etc etc…and in fact it was just one dude who climbed upon his hate box to speak his mind about hate and discontent….and the Salvation Army is now spending extra energy in the kitchen trying to clean up the dirty dishes.

I would guess that usually there is a trip wire of anger or revenge which sends the social media into a frenzy…or sometimes it is probably just pure hate or envy…or occasionally it may be one wire crossing another wire within which expels the insanity….at any rate I just wish people would stop posting things I disagree with..(tongue in cheek for you literal minded folk).  Its getting really hard to keep repeating my mantra – I may not agree with what you say but you have every right to say it!

Until next time….

One thought on “Gossip has always been damaging….

  1. I hate it when I get taken in. 😦 I try not to say anything about anyone elses untrue posts unless they are dangerous. Like whenever the put your pin code in backwards to summon police comes up. If that sticks in someones head it could be really damaging because they could put their pin in backwards and it won’t work and it won’t call the police and if the person is being robbed mostly likely they’ll be getting a punch on the back of the head for not putting in the correct pin. Not cool.


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