I had to laugh

p>You know that feeling when you are driving somewhere – usually alone – you arrive at your destination or…squirrel…something knocks you out of your trance and you have no idea how you got there because you have been in a hypnotized state since the last time you can remember something getting your attention.  Well, it is like me and the Des Moines Register.  I read the obituaries.  The last several times, I’ve gotten some alert that says I have “x” number of free views…I know now that I’ve seen them, but that ah ha moment ticked me off none the less this morning when I was told I’ve had all of the free views I’m gonna have unless I shuck out 10 dollars a month to read the paper on line.

KCCI bumbling Kevin Cooney has been saying for some time – OUR FREE WEB SITE – this must be what he is talking about.

$10 a month – hell no – there are many other places to get my news….and I’ll be retired so I can just bookmark all of the web sites for funeral homes.

That’s what irritated me this morning.

Until next time….

One thought on “I had to laugh

  1. The big local paper in Toledo keeps trying to put in a pay to read site but their web people aren’t very good. The site looks great, but the security doesn’t work. They’ve also started delivering the Sunday paper to me. Once a week I get a card in the mail that says “if you don’t want the paper, call us”. Weirdo’s. can’t wait to see what happens with it.


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