R.I.P. Julie

This morning I received one of those phone calls.  One from a dear friend telling me that one of our own has passed away.  I last saw Julie at the Rising Sun Youth Group reunion a few short months ago.  I sat next to her and we caught up on each others lives.  She said a couple of things in conversation that I wanted to talk to her more about.  A couple of times I was going to make an effort to contact her so she could finish her thoughts.  I didn’t do it.  Now she is gone.  Life is short and precious!

5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Julie

  1. I’m sorry Nina. Life is too short. It is a little bit of extra effort to stay in touch and then something like this. 😦

    Just for the record any of you are welcome to call or text anytime. I worry that we are going to lose touch with each other.


    • Mary Beth – I thought you disliked texting or I would send you occasional texts. I think about you so often I would love to be able to drop you a quick little note when something reminds me of you! I would have sent you an occasional petanque picture since you and Craig are responsible for getting that started.


      • Well, I have a really old flip phone and everything is SO small that I have to use my glasses (which I really still hate wearing) but I have been texting more just because I have to. I don’t think I could view a picture because I don’t have a smart phone. But you could text me any time.


  2. I’m sorry Nina. It’s so much sadder when you have regrets about not reaching out. Lesson taught for the next time that fleeting thought pops into your head about dropping someone a line.
    For instance, I recently thought to myself (last Monday) “Oh, that’s funny, I should tell Nina” and then I thought nooo, that’s stupid. Then I went ahead anyway and texted Nina! 🙂
    Then this week I texted Tami a question I needed help with. I was so proud of myself for not worrying if you guys would think I was just being odd.
    I’m glad this train of thought came up. It’s a good warning that if suddenly you start receiving the occasional text from me for a weird thing, it’s because I suddenly thought of you, and I wanted to text, so I did! So THERE!
    Wow, that whole comment went astray didn’t it?


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