All of this to avoid a little incline in the road?

He and his brother shamed me into going for a walk with them tonight.  I avoid walking on the road A)because it has hills and it hurts my back, because 1) I’m out of shape…but who could say no on a beautiful night…a walk in the country.  I love an adventure.  We made it down and up one hill – the easy hill – at the crest of that hill is the farm drive where the 3 of his layed in the back of a pickup last month – a day late – to watch the shooting stars…anyway… I mentioned that it might be kind of fun to walk down the path that the 4 wheelers take for deer hunting…


This was the end of the line until I realized the path turns to the right….


walking down these paths with dry corn on either side of you is kind of creepy…in the sense that a breeze blows the dry and brittle plants and it sounds like someone/something is in there…well, it did to me…not them.


winding around and around – over the little waterway with no water…the corn really did look bad…they did mention that it might not look this bad more inside the field….I just think this summer has not been good for the corn.


This last picture is about where my brother in law made the comment…we walked all around this cornfield in order to avoid the little incline in the road….



No…we didn’t come to an opening in the corn and see this.  I took these pictures last week of a semi full of tomatoes who took the corner way, way, way too fast and ended up on it’s side.  I’m always fascinated to look at cars and trucks on their top or side…Mostly because it is unusual to see the underneath of a vehicle and two because I’m just curious about everything.

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “All of this to avoid a little incline in the road?

  1. where are you? did you get lost in the corn? have you joined the children of the corn and he who walks behind the row?


  2. I am not a fan of walking on roads either. And I would totally get nervous walking on paths between corn.

    That is quite an accident. I’ve seen a few upside down cars. It is such a freaky thing to see. I hope I am never in a car that has an accident like that.

    I hope all is well. I get the sense that you are very busy. Oh, I love seeing grandbaby pictures. He is such a cute little man!


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