My daughter got married…..

My oldest daughter married her “love” yesterday in a surprise ceremony in her back yard.  It wasn’t a surprise to the bride and groom or her sister or his Papa or their friend, Kris who took pictures.  But it was a surprise to the parents and friends.   I wasn’t as giddy and emotional as the other 3 parents and this fact bothered me.    I spent way too many hours later wondering what was wrong with me.  I know.


They were already totally committed to each other. 

That piece of paper means that they are legally bound now for the state of Missouri…and, of course, she will have the same last name as the baby…but ya…it was a commitment ceremony to each other “witnessed” by the people who love them most. 

The weddings I have attended this year have given me a whole new perspective on marriage.  They have been loving and serene.  Words that were said to each other were their own words…not a church service they attended hosted by the minister.  The bride and groom or the bride and bride were  the stars…their ceremony…their love…their commitment…their words.  These ceremonies included the finery and receptions with great food and the celebratory dancing and music.  But the love and commitment to each other is what made me feel peace.

I’m excited to have a son that I didn’t have to give birth to or survive the teen years… I’m tired of the future son-in-law designation.  I love that he loves my daughter and I love him…I’m delighted that my daughter has that love too with a great pair of in-laws and the family to go with it. 

Congratulations Jenny and Justin…


3 thoughts on “My daughter got married…..

  1. Congrats to the whole family. Jenny im thrilled you found happiness….hugs deb


  2. Jenny looks beautiful. Im sure Justin looks lovely too but I can only see the back of his head. 🙂


  3. Congrats to all. Why does Justin have a badger on his head?


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