What is up with the tongue

The other day someone mentioned in a blog that they wondered what is up with puckered lip pictures? ..the ones puckered to look like they are ready to kiss a 2 year old…are these lips supposed to represent kissable, sensual lips?  Someone else mentioned that they thought they were porn star lips?  Now I’m noticing them too.  I don’t dislike puckered lips as much as I dislike tongues.  Miley Cyrus and her tongue pictures made me cringe after her ridiculous showing on the VMA awards Sunday night.  I didn’t watch the rewards show but who could miss the talk about it on the internet and twitter this morning.  I mentioned on my facebook page that the tongue looked like it had some type of fungus or coating of which she may want to seek medical attention for some antibiotics.    Her twerking was a little bizarre but it was just bad taste and attention sexual seeking.  Sure what man isn’t going to want to see that twat shaking around at eye level….but seriously – they are a dime a dozen…nearly 1/2 of the population has them.  It was her gyrating and dancing and strutting totally off beat which made me feel really sorry for her.  She has a reasonbly good voice – but down the road, she will probably only be remembered for her lack of musical beat and the attempt to shoot her into fame with what her manager must think is sex appeal and talent..A Madonna or GAGA she ain’t.

Until next time….

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