As best friends go….

Well…some go…some think I’m going to kill them…hahaha..some are drama queen nuts…need I say more…have another drink.

I knew I had met my BFF way back in 1975 when she was friendly to me in the elevator at Central Life downtown Des Moines.  She had been there a year and was moving up a couple of floors and I took her place in the basement…we ended up getting an apartment together..she introduced me to him…she got married, I got married and 34 years of life happened.  Due to some unexpected circumstances in her life which have been painful…I’ve been seeing her a lot more which is a good thing for my life and I hope she can look back at this last year and know that stuff happens, life changes and the only movement from here is UP.  


Last night I remembered a very crucial thing in our relationship.  We both like twist top wine rather than the fru fru types that need a cork screw…and we have not lost our amusement with each other.

Slipstream entertained at the Snus Hills Winery up by Madrid last night.  It was a hot day and a beautiful night and a beautiful venue.



It’s a great band…I’m pretty mesmerized when the two Kims sing.  Amazing, Amazing!!

Tonight should be equally as special as two very dear people tie the knot.  I’m feeling love in the air!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “As best friends go….

  1. Oh yes…I remember your old roomie. I helped her tropical fish reach an altered state one evening along with some others in the room…makes me want to move to Colorado when I retire so I can start my experiments again. Research is important and I am about 32 years behind. I’m sure starting over again will not be a problem, but that is the future. Who knows if there will be one. Colorado may be in a different country by the time I’m ready to move. Remains to be seen.


  2. I’m glad you’re spending time with someone you have so much history with. There is something comfortable about it isn’t there?
    Music outside is perfect.


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