With no shower inspiration

On the mornings that I have a good grip on reality, I get an idea in the shower of what I want to blog about that day.  I usually make it to work and really formulate the ideas while on my 6 minute drive – 7 minutes if I have to dodge wildlife.  By the time I sit down at the console, I’m well on my way to losing the “brilliant” thought pattern so I self talk the universe to keep it slow and quiet for at least 10 minutes so I can get my ideas on the screen.  I sat down at the kitchen table this morning…with no shower, no drive to work but this in front of me.


and pretty much realized where I will get my inspiration once we move.

Dogs seem to adjust to the new house pretty well..Frannie was nervous as a wet hen the first couple of days…she got to visit her new vet in town the 1st morning because she had a UTI taking hold…that went well.  Dave was here until Friday night helping with the man stuff that needed to be done.   Plumbing the bathroom sink was an all week project with lots of new words and trips to Lowes and the hardware store in town…I’m embarrassed for them to tell you how many trips…but it works great, looks wonderful and it all worked out.

We entertained last night for the first time….probably not really called entertaining when it is family but that’s what all the people on House Hunters say they do in their new houses.  Jenny, Justin and Jaxon and Justin’s parents, John and Brenda, came for dinner.  Brenda bought the cake which was good but not as important as the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers out of her garden.  First we have had this year.  He grilled hamburgers, I put the beans on the table in the pan I cooked them in and we ate and laughed…

Finishing up some projects this morning…after coffee…then heading “home” to Newton and the kitties.  Thanks to Travis and Melinda for checking on them.  You guys are awesome neighbors – we will miss you!

Until next time….from Newton

2 thoughts on “With no shower inspiration

  1. Moving the cats will be the hard part. Cats hate to move. When I had cats, I moved twice and I don’t think they ever quite forgave me. Mine hated to ride too….you have until next year to worry about that though. Sounds like things are coming along nicely. Being close to Kansas City might be fun too. More stuff to do. Has anybody done a test drive on the pond? You know…fishing?


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