integrity…in government…hahahahaha

Integrity in government is a joke!

So…the former police officer and Newton police chief who was plagued with rumors of infidelity, moved on to state government at the local state police academy where he could teach young cadets what he knows and teach them the disciplines of becoming a police officer in the state of Iowa.  Then. ..this woman, Nancy Brady,  who has made the news because of HER firing at the same law enforcement academy because she took on the this instructor – former police chief…sounds like the state, in not so many words, is saying she is a nut case and threatened the head of the Law enforcement academy.    Then the 20+ year DCI agent gets canned by the state because he turned in the governor and his accomplice for not having their state trooper under control – he was speeding while trying to get them to a political event.  The state says that the DCI agent was fired because his previous behavior was disrespectful to a supervisor.

Yes…I actually think the state is covering up some ugly truths in state government..but when it starts at the top..what are we to do?  There is only one thing worse than a cheating and lying ass – it’s the ones who are standing behind their religion or their God in order to cover up their failures….

Oh and that instructor with questionable ethics at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy makes 91 thousand dollars a year…91 thousand dollars of our tax money.

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One thought on “integrity…in government…hahahahaha

  1. It’s ridiculous what people think they can get away with just because they have a little bit of power. I like that she has the foresight to record the conversation when she was first called for her “review”. Now it will cost the tax payers even more as it becomes a legal issue.


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