Who Cares? Who Cares? Are you serious?

We should all care…another roll model…sports roll model…not only doping..but lying about it.  Accepting millions of dollars, smiling at the world as a hero…yes…we should all care…he is evil!

12 thoughts on “Who Cares? Who Cares? Are you serious?

  1. hello…I read something the other day about how people that are high achievers in business, professional sports and politics are actually at some level psychotic. They tend to get away with it because they all have away of making people feel good about what they are doing to them. Lance was no exception. He made us feel good about what he did and what he had overcome to get there. As it turns out, he was sick in more ways than one. It’s not like I’ve never lied and it’s funny how we are able to rationalize it when we do it. It’s still not right. Confessing is one thing, but it’s necessary to try to change the asocial behavior and if I might use the word, to repent. I’m not sure he’s there yet.  On another subject, I half expected to see you today at Jan Ingle’s visitation. People were asking about you. The funeral is at 1100 tomorrow. I can’t go, but I thought you might. I have lost your email address or I would have advised you sooner. I can be found at groundhog001@gmail.com. Later 


  2. @skanickadee – I never really thought it all the way through the chain.Karma. good & bad? I believe many performance enhancing drugs use human growth hormones & steroids, and testosterone so it makes sense that long term use could cause the crazy overgrowth of cells which is cancer.


  3. @tracy – Oh, I wrote that wrong. I did know that he had cancer. I meant wouldn’t it be ironic it that cancer had been caused by the doping? Doing something bad, getting cancer, and then doing so much good. If he hadn’t doped, then didn’t get cancer Live Strong wouldn’t exist. Kind of mind boggling, isn’t it?


  4. @skanickadee – he actually had testicular cancer. I was wondering today if there is a correlation. I bet there is.


  5. @tracy – Tell your dear hubby I liked what he had to say about the whole LA thing. I really know so little about the Live Strong organization. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he ended up with cancer because of all the drugs he did?


  6. Evil?He is a liar, arrogant, selfish, a cheater, sure.  But I do not see evil.


  7. @tracy – actually..I totally understand what your wise husband said.  Thanks for the different perspective.  Very good points.


  8. I’ve been thinking about this and trying to form a strong opinion but so far I haven’t been able to. I go back and forth. But luckily I woke up to an email from my husband who is never lacking for strong opinions so I thought I would give you that instead. So this is what he has to say:”I’ve been thinking about this a few days and here’s my take on Lance Armstrong:If you take all the bad things he’s done … all the lies, the doping, the cheating, the bullying, all of it … and you put it on one side of scale. Then you take all good things he’s done … the lives he’s saved and extended, the comfort and hope he’s given to cancer victims, the children he’s supported with his camps … take all of that and put it on the other side of the scale … it is not even close … the good far outweighs the bad. If just one Cancer victim is alive today because of the work Lance Armstrong has done, that is enough to balance the scale … and Lance Armstrong has done far more than that for Cancer victims and their families.I am not condoning anything Lance Armstrong has done … but let’s put things in perspective. Lance Armstrong competed in a dirty sport where doping was commonplace. There’s a reason that none of his 7 Tour de France wins were awarded to another rider … and the reason is that they can not find anyone who participated in those races that was clean. Lance is going to suffer greatly for his mistakes … he’s going to lose his money, his popularity, he may even go to jail … and he will lose the one thing he cares about most … his ability to help cancer victims. I think I’ll just give him break and focus on the good Lance Armstrong.        “


  9. He’s not giving me a good feeling with his coming out honesty with Oprah.  I’m totally disgusted!!!


  10. The doping is one thing. The threats and intimidation are really bad.


  11. I dont select sports people as role models…they are almost always a disappointment… ^..^


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