Something to analyze…thank goodness…I’d almost run out of issues!

I shared a communications class with the Colfax and Mingo EMS last night.  It was a blast.  I’m never nervous to speak to a group when my topic is something I believe in.  EMS and marching band so far…Too bad I didn’t know this 45 years ago, I might have chosen another career…say standup comic…or rabblerouzer/lobbyist.

Found a new doctor today.  I received a letter from the clinic of my former doctor, whom I adored, saying she was leaving the clinic…I assume they didn’t share her future plans because they didn’t want to lose clinic clients.  I had my first appointment today at a branch of the clinic closer to home.  So far so good…I was starting to get pent up sitting in the room for 30 minutes but the minute she walked in the door, I knew it was going to be worth it.  Damn, I came close to walking out.

Physical therapy scheduled for my back..blood pressure pill change due to different health insurance.  The old one had no generic…she said the difference is like a
Red Delicious and a Washington apple.  She seems very thorough too…maybe this is just the Mercy Hospital Clinic way…I love their overall approach to my health and my appointment rather than in and out with a pill for what is ailing me at the moment.

I have two more days off…my intention is to not leave the house.  I love these blessed escapes from reality..just me and the critters and him. 

May order new cell phones…think we are going to go with galaxy III and not Iphones?  just the way I’m leaning.  If you have one or the other and have an opinion, I’m all ears.  Probably going with Verizon instead of US Cellular too…I know someone has to have an opinion.

Until next time…..

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  1. LOVE the galaxy, and I agree with Tracy – the Verizon coverage makes it worth having them as a carrier. Love it when you can find a good primary care NP or Dr.   You would have been a fabulous rabblerouzer/lobbyist!  Is it too late?  


  2. I would never leave Verizon even if they got even more crazy. Their coverage is worth it. My new (well, two years now) GP is always more concerned about me as a whole than my specific complaint. I love it. I want to be her BFF.


  3. Daughter has an iPhone and Verizon and loves them both, she dropped her old plan early to get it. Given the choice I would choose the iPhone because it would seem easy to me, since I have an iPod. Also, it is very cool. 😉 But I’ve heard good things about the Galaxy as well. I don’t have a smart phone myself so I can’t offer a personal recommendation, but I would choose the iPhone if I could.


  4. I’m glad the new doctor is the way you described. =)


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