Sometimes validation is all you need.  You can believe the way you think you are believe-in…but every now and then we all take a step back and wonder if we are skewed one way or the other…that the filter we use may need a cleaning…and that is where validation out of left field can make you say hmmmmm…so I’m not the only one…

I really have an issue with yes people.  Vulgarity warning.  Those people who would not say shit if they had a mouth full.  You know who they are.  They ride on the coat-tails of others agreeing with everything thing they say…ya.  Everyone knows who they are….and so do they!

Then there are the clueless and I will lump these folks together with the “What are they thinkin” folks.  Totally clueless about who they are, how other people see them, why they are always victims…yes.  The first you feel sorry for them and then you just avoid them and feel contempt.

I feel better getting that out!

Until next time…..

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  1. Thank you for that. makes me feel better about running my mouth too much! 🙂


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