This will be my 28th winter as a 911 dispatcher.  This job kills the joy of winter!  For you non-Iowans, we have a forecast blizzard warning for the state tonight and tomorrow…a lot of  folks are posting about how excited they are for the snow/blizzard so they can sit home and drink hot chocolate…meanwhile I’m reading these comments and thinking…are you people just nuts?  But I get it…

A winter storm blizzard to me means drivers in the ditches and everyone who has a cell phone calls to tell us about it..we call them cell phone heros..they don’t stop…they just call…it’s nothing to get 10 calls about 1 vehicle in the ditch when you magnify that by 50 cars in the ditch, you can understand how difficult it is to do anything else other than answer the phone….like page ambulances or other emergency vehicles.  When it gets that bad..usually we just have to tell people that they are patrolling and will get to you when they can…normally the state puts a tow ban on which means that unless you are sitting in the middle of the highway, your car is in the ditch until it is safe to pull out…of course, there are those who want to remain in their car…even when told that it could be a couple of days before they can get a first…you can’t pry them from their cars…of course the cell phone heros continue to call about them…eventually it sinks in and they want to be picked up.  When the ice and snow take the power down, what do you do…call 911..well there are a lot of people who do.Why would you possibly call 911 when your power goes out…I cannot and never will be able to turn on your power…why not call the post office when you need an ambulance.  I think I’ve probably said about all that needs to be said about hating winter as a 911 dispatcher.

Now.  If I’m off work and “he” is off work and the kids are safe.  I LOVE A BIG SNOW!!!  I love to walk on those nights when it is very still…big snow flakes coming down and the layer of snow cushions all noise…I have thought before that it just doesn’t get any better than this!

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  1. First of all, I want to say Congrats for sticking it out that long in that job. What a stressful one it is! Second, thank you for being there! Unfortunately I have had to call 911 and the person on the other end of the line was a life saver!  My nephew was run over by a truck when he was 2. My sister was swearing at the dispatcher because of the panic and questions she had to answer. I am sure you get that a lot. Only later did she find out the dispatcher was a friend of hers and was freaking out himself taking the call. My husband was a past chief of the local fire dept..I know a few dispatchers and have heard a few stories. I still have as much respect for you as the first responders. Because honestly I have the same thoughts about big snow storms. Upstate central NY is pretty known for snowstorms, nor ‘easters…as the wife of a fireman, ambulance driver and state highway snow plow operator…yeah you look at weather a little differently! And when the kids started driving, just made it all worse!I hope it won’t be too bad for you tonight!


  2. I must agree with MB, no snow here either please. I would much rather take a walk on a warm summer night!People can be amazing in their obliviousness. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, lots of respect to you, I don’t think I could do your job!


  3. @skanickadee – I will hate to tell you if it doesn’t dump it all here and starts heading east!!!


  4. People are nuts! Thank goodness you and your peers put up with all the silliness so that we have help when we really need it. Calling 911 when the power goes out??? That is hysterical – well, I guess not for you. Gee and all these years I have been calling the power company. Good luck with it all. Don’t send it my way!!!


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