Put ‘er in 4 wheel drive

Yes…it snowed and it “blowed” and it is still blowing.  If you read yesterday’s blog…just wanted to followup and tell you there were no surprises!

Our 4-wheel drive pickups have always had the manual shifter on the floor between the seats for switching into 4 wheel drive.  I’ve always had an, “ahem” warm feeling when sitting in the passenger seat….he’s over there in his heavy coat with his big ole leather gloves on, he reaches down grabs ahold of that shifter and manipulates it into 4 wheel drive.  It is such a sexy move – I look forward to it every year….until this year…we bought a Nissan and it has a little dial on the dash.  Talk about dash…dashing sexual appeal for their big ole truck commercials…that’s right..he just pushes a little button…whoop-d-doo…this morning he leaned over and simulated controlling the shifter.  whew…..

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Put ‘er in 4 wheel drive

  1. ooooo what a man! hahahahaha!! 


  2. Lol… I could so visualize that…  I always enjoyed watching my ex-husband do the same.


  3. Hahaha – nice to know the spark is still there for you older folks! Hehehe!!!


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