I hope this isn’t just old age sentimentality…or maybe I do because then I would have a reason for this mood I’m in…part of me feels like I’m back home with myself and the other part of me wishes I could just quit tearing up about songs and the thoughts about friends. 

I spent last night with my new bluetooth speaker which plays awesomely loud.  I was trying to find just the right version and singer for O Holy Night…found lots I like but none that made my heart smile and chills up and down my arms.  I did find 3 of my favorite songs David Reynolds put on his album a gillion years ago and I cried big ole tears remembering sitting on the piano bench in a practice room at Ozark Bible College while he sang and rocked those keys..David..if you are reading this….still a blessing after all of these years.  I’m thinking really tender thoughts about old friends…some of them are drawn closer to me when I hear a song…others there are no particular songs, just that ooey gooey feeling about how much I miss and love them.

Yes…here I am…my second night…sitting on my yoga ball as recommended by Dr. Laurel to start strengthening my core muscles…A little Kenny Rogers got me tearing up like a faucet.  … perhaps it is just the season…

Until next time…..

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I go thru those times,on and off and yeah, it does feel like being back home with yourself. That’s a good way to put it,It’s not a bad thing, go with the flow and enjoy. And the music part, that is powerful, It can take you back to every emotion like yesterday. And when they’re connected with ppl it’s so strong. Sometimes a song willl bring back ppl I haven’t thought about it 30 years, It’s awesome really.


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