Case in point

I’m so proud ofTricia Groves. 

Obama is not who I voted for but is who I will respect as our president for 4 more years. I pray for him and for our country and know that God is in control.

That is what she said…here’s what I say!

I’m totally disgusted by many professed christian posts on Facebook after the election.  Romney supporters have every right to be disappointed..and I understand the anger of the plain old American republicans out there; but christian… if you all prayed your guts out and you really believe in God’s will, what is with all of these nasty posts.  Aren’t you believing that this must be God’s will if you prayed about it.  Had the election turned out differently, we would be hearing ear splitting praising of God…Is God’s will only worthy of praise if you get your way.  Seriously…. what an seems to be that if you believe God is king and leading your life on a daily basis, you should be thanking God even if you might not agree with his politics. Sounds like armchair christians to me.  You need to change the light bulb because your religion is not showing…..or is it.

Bring it on people!

2 thoughts on “Case in point

  1. I think I love you. ;D Couldn’t have said it better


  2. Maybe their “religion” IS showing, but their faith isn’t.   My hope for our nation is not in the White House or our President, or in any man for that matter.  My hope is in my God.  As professing Christians, we are called to pray in every way we know how for the leaders of our land.  When the Apostle Paul called on Christians to walk the walk, talk the talk and pray for those in authority, NERO was ruler.  Thus, I refuse to vilify someone I might not happen to agree with.  He is our President, they are our elected Officials, therefore due our respect, civility, and prayer. 


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