I slept like a log last night – getting the election – county and federal – overwith has dumped me into my peaceful mode.  Seems like every peaceful mode always has at least one safety pin that has come unfastened and pokes me every now and then…but today…nothing – peaceful – content.  A little over a year ago, I told the therapist that this was my goal…I feel like I’ve stepped over that invisible line into the circle..

This month – I get to go see Kenny Rogers at the Civic Center with Gena.  She and I have loved Kenny Rogers for many years.  There is no one on earth that I would rather have beside me at this concert!!!! and sitting beside me in the Polk County jail after the concert…I’m going to take extra panties with me to throw on the stage because I just can’t get into that commando thing…We love you Kenny!!!

Thanksgiving is a blessing.  Both girls and significant others will be home…we are going to all eat oysters, play a couple of games (which I will win) and enjoy the comfort of family.

Then the Christmas season arrives.  I love the Christmas season.

Peace out.

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  1. I love Kenny Rogers too!!  I used to go see him at a local amusement park back in the 70’s when he was Kenny Rogers and The First Edition. 


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