You are an American

Ever since I started working for the county back in 1984, I’ve dreaded presidential voting day/year.  It is the same year that we vote for a sheriff.  The sheriff is my boss.  I don’t feel a whole lot of control on election day…I usually have pretty strong feelings about what I want to happen…yet…have found over the years to just roll with it.  Kind of like a suspected health scare…You have the symptoms, you have been to the doctor and had all of the tests and now you are sitting in the little too-hot or too-cold room waiting for the verdict…You know that in a very few minutes life as you know it is going to change…either relief or fear!

I have a cross mix of friends – conservative, liberal and libertarian – most of them have strong reasons why they support their particular chosen political religion…I know where most of them stand…I don’t try to change their minds – they don’t try to change mine…occasionally we have a good natured WHAT THE H IS WRONG WITH YOU discussion but it usually ends with laughter and acceptance.  I have a few friends who want to argue with me…while I am a listener and have been known to really weigh other opinions and either decide – hmmm that has some merit or nope… don’t agree and move on.  Chances are probably about 99 percent that I’m not going to change someone’s opinion and they aren’t going to change my opinion.  This is not a place for anger…this is a place to listen to each other – take your opinion or altered opinion and move on.

No matter your politics – please get out there and vote today…

Until next time….

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