We’ve spent the last four weekends with different clans of the family.  While I”m looking forward to my days off this week because I have absolutely no plans and expect to keep it that way, spending quality time with everyone has made it about the best month ever!  Dianne was back this weekend to visit the mother-in-law, Dave was down Friday night to help me hold the deck down with lawn chairs while “he” continued the lattice project on the side of the deck.  He and Dave put new tile in Avis’s bathroom during the day on Friday.  Last night Dianne, Dave, Christa, he and I and the critters had dinner at our house, lots of good conversation, then a movie and Dianne spent the night. 

I speak from experience when I say that a multitude of hurts can be healed with communication, understanding and perseverance.  I’ve not always felt like a welcome member of the family…lots of angst over the last 35 years but through it all we’ve all matured, we’ve all aged, non-birth members of the family (me) has figured out the family dynamics and knocked off the large chip that grew on my shoulder and it feels like they have figured out that while I was not born into the family, I sure was not going anywhere…I speak with experience when I say that it takes love and understanding on both sides to make it work..Did I mention maturing and aging and perhaps the biggest thing – respecting one another for who we are, what we want, where we have been and where we want to go!  I’m very lucky!

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Family

  1. yep you are lucky…dynamics seem to change a bit after many years. And that’s usually a good thing. I think we all become less worried about being “right” and more accepting, less controlling…yeah I guess “maturity” is a good way to put it.  Glad you have ppl to spend time with and enjoy…certainly makes life nicer.


  2. @Ninasusan – I can imagine…we’ve been married 37 years and I feel less close if possible. And vice/versa, I’m sure. Honestly, I think I am a difficult person, and it is probably entirely my responsibility. Makes me very sad, but I don’t see how things could ever change at this point.


  3. @suzyQ_darnit – It hasn’t been easy..after 33 years being married, I feel that I finally have a family..


  4. That’s truly a wonderful thing. It doesn’t happen for everyone. Sounds so nice…


  5. You are very lucky. You have built yourself a beautiful family and network of friends and it sounds like you got lucky and married a wonderful man who brought a perfectly nice extended family to the party. Enjoy the beautiful fall day!


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