It is in the air….

  The end of the growth period for corn and beans and the first golden stripes of color in the bean fields is usually when I awaken and say…awww fall is here…it was incredibly early this year.  A few trees begin to turn but nothing gets me into the fall mood like the crisp cool air…even when it is warm…it is a different warm…then there is the farm bean or corn dryer nearby that I can hear in the distance…it’s a soothing sound…and then walking thru the leaves.

It seemed to happen in a week.  We sat outside on the deck Saturday and would feel a breeze then the leaves would gently be falling on our heads.  I love fall.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “It is in the air….

  1. There are some beautiful colors already!


  2. great pics!  Fall is my favorite.  The woods are a lush green right now with a hit of color just beginning to creep in.  There are still enough leaves on the trees to go for a walk in the rain and not get too wet.  That’ll change soon and when it does it’ll happen quick.  It seems like I wake up one day and look out in the woods outside of the bedroom window and all of a sudden it has gone from green to orange, yellow, red and brown.  I really dig the whole apple cider, pumpkins, country fairs thing.


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