Rutting Season

This is going to be the weekend for beautiful trees in Iowa especially in my “neck of the woods”….whatever that means…one of our TV weathermen says that nearly every night…I wait for it…wait for it…wait for it.

Seriously..”they” tell us that trees are not going to be golden this year because of the lack of water…well, they didn’t look out the window or they don’t live in Iowa…in my neck of the woods, most of the trees are golden..actually it seems there are some beautiful colors mixed in this year…do I say that every year?  With a beautiful tree season comes the freeking rutting season for deer.  Deer are already on the road a lot more after the fields are cleared which is understandable…but what buck was walking around one year and said…oh hey…I think I’ll start mating so my beloved can give birth to our little fawn during the coldest time of the year…Maybe it is just that the fields are clean and they can see that luscious doe meandering around in her own field and he thinks…mmmm she’s grown up over the summer, I wanna get me some of that – in deer speak of course…or maybe they are just frisky because it is cooling down and they can sprint and play with cars on the road and just run and feel good.

Supposedly the deer population in Iowa is thinning a me when I say…not in my neck of the woods.  Enjoy the beauty!

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Rutting Season

  1. My husband and I were just talking about that – the leaves, not the deer – and came to the conclusion that “they” are so wrong! At least…wait for it…in our neck of the woods. 😉


  2. I also heard that there isn’t supposed to be a lot of color in the trees this year. I think you are right, no one is looking out their window. It is beautiful this year. I’m really enjoying it.Have any exciting plans for the weekend?


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