Morning thoughts…..

In the last few months, I’ve “gotten back” my ability to read again…I could read…I just wasn’t reading books very often…I found an old Belva Plain book at my mother-in-laws house that I’ve been reading this week.  This is the first Belva book  I’ve read since Evergreen back in the early 80’s.  I just couldn’t get into her other books…but this one – The Carousel – took me awhile to get interested but it’s a good one…I’m near the end.  I love a book where you can say out loud…Wow, I didn’t expect that twist!

I voted absentee ballot last night.  I encourage you to vote this year…especially those who have complaining the most.  Seems those of us who yell the loudest get out there and vote…and those who just like to bitch don’t cast a ballot because they don’t care enough?  Just like to hear their head rattle when they talk?

According to NPR, scientists are saying Mars had running water at some point.
I have a problem with dinosaur displays – the ones where the dino is all put together and tourists walk around ooh and ah and take pictures.  There is no way I believe that they uncovered every single bone for these displays..nor do I believe there was an instruction manual for putting it together.  I hate when I feel someone is pulling something over on me.

Anti cat people – that is all you need to read. 
I needed traffic control device for the cats this morning as they were shooting around the house chasing each other and just feeling good.  I just wanted to sit down and enjoy it but I had to make my coffee and get moving.  A couple of my cats frequently try to cover up my coffee cup on the desk in the morning..they don’t like the smell and obviously think it smells like something that comes out of their bodies that they don’t like.  It always irritates me – STOP IT…GET OUT OF THE WAY…this morning I was cleaning the peanut butter knife and putting things in the dishwasher while my coffee was brewing and I thought…OMG did someone pee around here…after a little investigation, I realized it was my coffee I smelled…am I becoming one with the cats?  I really fear hair balls!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Morning thoughts…..

  1. Yay, I’m glad you posted. I like you.I like cats & I like coffee. I’ve had a cat that loved coffee and a dog that loved coffee. Use to drive me crazy. I had to be so careful about where I put my coffee cup!I just watched an episode of Doc Marten and someone had a nervous habit of eating hair and had a hair ball. Makes me nauseated just thinking about it. Blech.


  2. I have never voted absentee ballot before but I think I am going to do it this year. Illinois does have early voting and I have done that but with the craziness going on this year. I want to get it done and over with. I think I am going to work on getting a ballot for Rob. He is a good dem who will want to vote but there is no way he will be able to stand at a voting machine.I like the smell of coffee but could never drink it. Your cats are funny. It is so different with just one cat and an indoor/outdoor cat at that. My cat is much more sedate when she is in the house. She is able to get rid of her wildness outside.Haha – you are so funny! Have a great day Nina!


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