No craziness in this princess!!

Dr Reed gave me a prescription for xanax at my last visit due to my anxiety issues…She is a stickler on not taking them unless it is absolutely necessary…she gave me a little “talk” about it – I’m sure she’s worried about a dependency issue although I’m not sure it is an addictive drug…I”m not too worried – the only thing I have been addicted to is cigarettes and sugar.  I’ve been cutting my little .25 mg pills into 4 pieces because it seems my anxiety goes into pre attack mode about the moment I turn off the TV and put my ear plugs in.  I feel it coming on and sometimes I’m able to breath and soul talk myself calm…but seems this little tiny bit of xanax at night does the trick.  I”m only waking up once in the middle of the night and that is exactly 30 minutes before my alarm will ring…grrr.  Anyway…I got up this morning and into the shower = where I do my best thinking = everything was good. 

He didn’t put water in the Keurig this morning which  mildly irritated me – meanwhile talking about him beating me one of the 4 games in the tournament Angry Birds…but by the time I walked out the door I was thinking wow…it could be a good day…by the time I got to my car, I was thinking…I really should be very happy…life is good and I’m on my way to the job I used to love and be addicted too.  I’m less than 2 years from retirement, life is good.

Catching up on world and local news this morning, I saw a blip about Elisabeth Hasselbeck trying to makebelieve she is a news person interviewing President Obama on the View.  A segment that was for Barbara’s birthday and light hearted, albiet a campaign appearance, I’m sure.  I cannot stand Elisabeth Hasselback…frequently wondering if she had  life skills and were older sans the arrogance if I would still have the reaction I have…no = obviously not..which led me to the big mouth, horse face bitch on The Talk.  They sure don’t like negative comments on their Facebook site over there on the Talk.  They really don’t care what you think about topics or the abrasive, obnoxious, loud Sheryl Underwood because they certainly quickly removed my negative comment..nearly faster than I could type it.  Oh. well… I practice my right to turn the channel when she is on…they just keep her shouting out inane things so there must be someone out there that doesn’t want to see her mouth wired shut – am I right?

That’s it…Until next time…bwa ha ha

7 thoughts on “No craziness in this princess!!

  1. This was emailed to me this mornimg as a new post. I was so confused when I wandered over and saw all the comments. Either way I like how thoughtful you are


  2. I have a script for lorazepam.  does the trick.  my Dr. gave me the same talk and I too cut my .50 pills in half.  Usually a months worth lasts 90 days or more.  This time around I’ve gone almost 4 months on the one script.  it’s good to have around.  I’m not a fan of talk shows, and a lot of tv in general.  i watch lots of sports and cooking tv as a result of just not being able to handle it.  i wish those were the only channels I had so that I couldn’t flip to something that winds up irritating me. 


  3. @Ninasusan – You know, I read a lot of Xanga on my Kindle but there isn’t a Xanga app so for some reason when I am at the site I just can’t comment and by the time I get home, I am too tired to form coherent thoughts. I miss it.Yay for a med adjustment!


  4. @skanickadee – Glad to have you back your newsy replies..I’ve missed that.  No pressure…I know you cannot be in “this” place every day.  I’m just taking tiny doses at night because that is when my anxiety hits.  I’ve stopped drinking coffee at 1400…in fact drinking my last cup right now… I’ve had a med adjustment and I was just thinking a few minutes ago that I feel so much better…it is noticeable in my head.  YAY!


  5. Hello Nina! I have a script for lorazepam (Ativan). It is similar to Xanax. Yes, people can get addicted to both meds. For me I never use up a months supply in a month. One bottle may last months and months for me. I have it for panic attacks but both my shrink and my primary care physician have said it is perfectly okay to take at night. Lorazepam takes about an hour to kick in so at night I take it an hour before I go to bed. It really helps.I also sometimes have that panicky feeling at bedtime, too. When my iPod still worked, I had an app by (I think) Mayo clinic. It was a guided meditation app. It helped. You might want to reconsider what you are watching at night and maybe consider some light exercise earlier in the evening and watch your caffeine intake in the evening. Somewhere you asked about the pizza we had at my house. The place was Jullianni’s in Palos Heights. It is kind of hit or miss with that place. The day we had it with you, it was really good. Out toward the hotel, there is a place called Beggar’s Pizza in Mokena. The place itself is very boring looking but they have super cheesy pizza. It is a local chain and we go to another location but usually most of their pizza is really good. The place we went to in the city was Connie’s.


  6. Think I could have used some of those pills a few months ago when my brother was sick. Hope they do the trick for you!I find so much of the crap on TV infuriating that I have to avoid it as much as I can.


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