Now I can say

I’ve Bean!  to the Bean in Chicago..

 What a blast.  While there, I tried to figure how, Why and How?  There seemed to be a lot of people there who had like mind! Millennium Park is an Oasis in the big city.  I wish I could say I was impressed with the face-fountain-stream – whatever it is…It could be a relaxing place to sit and just “be” but I spent a lot of time trying to figure out “why”. 

We walked several miles (up hill both ways) around the city.  We always think it is the way to really see things…at one corner, we had to detour a block due to Dune 3 being filmed and we got to pass by this eternal flame  commemorating the military and had to laugh at the way it was being used…. by pigeons.  I don’t like pigeons but this was quite humorous


It was wonderful visiting with our beautiful daughter  I love this picture of her.  She has a wonderful, genuine laugh that just makes me warm inside.

Back to work tomorrow *blech.  I’m going to enjoy every minute of this day!

Until next time….

7 thoughts on “Now I can say

  1. @skanickadee – I didn’t like it as well as the pizza we had at your house eons ago đŸ™‚  but it was good.  What was the pizza we had at your house?


  2. @Ninasusan – Lou Malnati’s – I’ve never had their pizza before, did you like it?Well, if and when you come back and if you have some time available, let me know.


  3. @skanickadee – WE had Lou something Pizza.  We walked about a mile from the bean???I totally understand about the weekend. I’m SURE we will be back in a month or so


  4. Love that mom/daughter picture! Made me smile, too!


  5. Oh, that is a wonderful picture of you and your daughter!


  6. Did you get pizza and where did you get it? It broke my heart that I didn’t get to see you but it was really a god awful weekend for us.


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