Has it every occurred to you to call the police because a utilities repairman was rude to you?

I had a Cold Stone Creamery medium cookie dough ice cream extravaganza in a waffle cone for supper last night.

I’m perplexed at why higher end clothing seems to be made larger than lower end clothing.  I”m not talking about foo foo boutique clothing..just your run of the mill Chico or Von Maur?

Went to the doctor yesterday and she concluded than my anxiety level needs to be lassoed and feels that anxiety is manifesting itself with my physical symptoms.  She’s adjusted my meds.  That should be good news for all of you!

Off to Chicago tomorrow afternoon…I think Chicago pizza is in my future…I also get to see the Bean…finally..in answer to my adorable youngest daughter…No…I have never BEAN!

Until next time.

5 thoughts on “Random

  1. @tracy – that makes perfect sense…seems I could have figured that out.


  2. I believe Ice Cream for dinner is perfectly acceptable. It’s only an issue if you start having pizza for dinner, Ice Cream for dessert and cake for a snack.Higher End clothing is made larger because women with more money prefer to buy things in lower sizes. If you but size 10 pants at Dillards or size 12 pants at Elder Beerman you’ll feel happier when you think about Dillards.Have you ever had the police called on you?(I have!)


  3. People boggle the brain, they really do.Have a great trip!


  4. Never called the police about a rude repairman, no.  But it wouldn’t be the dumbest reason for a “911” call.  There was this lady in MacDonalds, see . . .


  5. Oh my sweet pea you seem like the calmest coolest chick in the world to me, you give me anxiety knowing you have anxiety. Have fun in Chicago I know I always do đŸ™‚


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