It is complicated..or is it?

Things are different…not different in a bad way…just different.  My life is kind of like the weather in Iowa…wait 5 minutes and it will change.  I have learned so much about life in the last few years.  Things about minding my own business, not judging someone else’s actions, truly believing that everyone has a right to their opinion..whether it be politics, religion or just getting to know people better.  I’ve found that if you don’t judge and do accept people for who they are, life can be more fulfilling and happy.  That’s not to say I haven’t entertained the thought that someone was just bat POO POO crazy for an opinion..but I accept that this what they believe……. I’m actually to the point that I don’t care if you disgree with me nor I – you.  It feels very, very adult.  I don’t need to change their opinion and I don’t need them to change my opinion.  Healthy discussion is one thing.  Not respecting other’s opinions is quite another.

We have been traveling quite a bit.  Bloomfield, Indiana for a wedding, last weekend Kansas City and this coming weekend Chicago.  Also preparing for a trip to Italy next month with our Ecuador travel mates.  Christa and I have been buying some clothes in our attempt to fit in…although the brother in law tells me that no matter what I wear, I’m going to look like a tourist. merci beau coup…or something like that.

Until next time…

edit:  All this happy talk relates to those I know and those I know and love…other members of society..ya..not so much…I still think as a society – we are going to hell in a handbasket.   Sorry…but just my opinion.

6 thoughts on “It is complicated..or is it?

  1. Oh Italy!  FUN!  I will live vicariously through your photos


  2. sounds exciting…….I’ve always wanted to do the amalfi coast!  Post pictures!


  3. What part of Italy are you going to?  I’ve been twice to the Tuscany area and loved it!


  4. So do you have plans for Chicago? Are you going to get to see the bean? I hope you have a good time here!


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