I really need to back away from politics for awhile…I had a dream last night (seemed like I had it all night) that President Obama and his wife came to Iowa, stayed with us (in a house that I’ve never seen), we rode in the limo to a fund raiser…he and I had inside jokes with each other. 

There is also the guy in the skinny jeans which continues to haunt me since supper at IHOP in Ankeny last night.

Seriously.  He was prancing around smoking his cigarette waiting for his wife to come out of the restaurant.  I could not stop looking..it was like a train wreck.  I hate the hanging down, baggy pants look on men but, but not nearly as bad as I hate the skinny jean look on men.

Happy Labor Day to all of my able bodied friends out there who labor!!!! Live long and prosper.

Until next time….

7 thoughts on “

  1. Um, that is an awkward stance…maybe he snagged a pair of lady jeans by mistake? ;D


  2. those are some gnarly jeans! eeewww!  they look kinda painful.


  3. @tracy – If you get to hitch a ride in the limo…tell me how he treats you!!!!


  4. As often as President Obama comes to your town it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Though, coincidentally he is in my town today.


  5. It actually looks like those jeans are giving that guy a bad case of camel toe. 


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