I’ve been sick this week…I’m a horrible sick ninny.  I hate being sick and I hate what I put Him thru when I’m sick.  Nuf said.

I stopped at one of our many parking lots with farmers selling corn last night.  If you aren’t from a small town, (ours is 15,000), you don’t know the joy of driving down the main street and many parking lots have farmers set up with their awnings with a pickup backed up selling sweet corn out of the back…anyway…I got me a baker’s dozen of ears for 6 bucks…but the really exciting part of this story is:

We did the microwave trick that has been circulating on the internet…and it works…

Do nothing to the corn…except put it in the microwave…it is recommended 4 minutes per ear…I almost think 3 would have been sufficient because some of the ears were a little tough…although I like it that way…anyway.  After the 4 minutes – or 8 minutes for 2, you take them out…cut the bottom off making sure you get all of the stock and the corn just slides out from the tasseled end.  It is JUST CRAZY!  He and I were laughing…who knew…after all these years of sitting on the porch in the heat shucking corn.  We decided when the family comes, everyone can bring their own microwave and we can set them along the counters and everyone can do their own corn….CRAZY I tell you.

@Tracy is coming at the end of the week for business and has reserved Saturday for us.  Think we may go boating.  she said she hasn’t been on a sailboat before…I assured her the only thing really different is the cussing.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Corn

  1. @Ninasusan – I bet it tastes better; I read an article about boiling it with the husks to retain flavor, so it should be the same principle. But I would have to weigh that with the all-too-certain possibility of getting burned. 🙂


  2. @suzyQ_darnit – You just cut up about an inch or a little more from the bottom then hold it up by the silks and it slips out or comes out very, very easily.  Next time I’m going to go for 3 min to 3.5 min per was really have to take it out with an oven mit.


  3. Well, if I come across some fresh farm corn, I’ll have to try it. I’m sorry you were sick. Nice that he takes care  of you.Have fun boating with Tracy! @tracy Have a great time visiting!


  4. Do you have to cut the actual cob or just the green stuff? Cause, wouldn’t it be hot? I have microwaved the corn in waxed paper, but always shucked it first.Sounds like magic!


  5. I hadn’t heard of that trick, but I’m so glad you shared it!  I am going to try corn that way soon.  Nothing beats corn on the cob in the summer!  Hope you and Tracy have a fun time Saturday, swearing like sailors!  Kathi


  6. I am so glad you tried the microwave corn trick, I was very curious. I like to swear. 🙂


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