Corn Part 2

I feel like kind of a leader in this anti-boil corn revolution.  Just 5 minutes ago, peeps, I went to the kitchen and put an ear of corn in the microwave for only 3 minutes…yes…only 3 minutes and it was just like the ones from last night nuked for 4 minutes.  We can’t tell if this makes the corn tougher or if it is just the type of corn…it is very deep, so it may be chewier anyway.  And you need to cut enough off the end to get rid of the taper to the end or the corn won’t just fall out of the husk.

Tomorrow, I just may go for 2.5 minutes…

7 thoughts on “Corn Part 2

  1. @PrimevalWench – You can make ethanol from anything that has sugar in it. Sweet corn has an abundance. Sweet corn was also one of the first GMO’s to be consumed regularly by the public. We’ve been eating it for years and no one knew because they don’t have to label it.It will probably be fine though. Don’t worry. Gotta die of something. And then there’s that whole Children of the Corn thing…scared the crap outta me. “He Who Walks Behind the Corn”


  2. I’ve heard 4 min for 1 ear, 8 for 2,10 for 3. I did 3 at a time and it worked like a charm!And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the seed corn used to make ethanol is a different critter from sweet corn 🙂 Though I would agree with avoiding Monsanto’s GMO product.


  3. almost forgot….high fructose corn sugar. Do we need more? It’s in everything and it’s making us unnaturally obese, more prone to diabetes and the stuff they process into corn syrup is loaded with contaminants like mercury. Just saying. There should be a sign at the grocery store that says “Warning, sweet corn, eat at your own risk”


  4. Not to throw a wet blank on the sweet corn party here, but…Sweet Corn clogs the septic tank if you know what I mean. It’s nutritional value is questionable unless you count it as roughage. If it’s GMO sweet corn, AKA frankencorn, then it will probably kill you. It kills bugs by making it’s own pesticide. Microwaving it just destroys any remaining nutritional value it may have. About the only thing it’s good for is making ethanol and that makes carbon dioxide for all you global “climate change” folks.I know I’m from Iowa and I should be ashamed to say it, but we gotta get rid of the corn.


  5. basically cutting it from the bottom end which is also pointy – it’s the end opposite the silks that you cut


  6. I am anxiously awaiting the results of your experiment!


  7. Oh, wait, I totally thought you were cutting it from the wide end…you’re cutting the pointy end?


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