Visited Trader Joes for the first time yesterday.  I liked it, although I must admit my eyes didn’t glaze over like they would if it had been, say, a shoe store or antique store or Hobby Lobby.  I’m just not in the buying food place in my life anymore.  He does all of the cooking and grocery shopping and that is just fine with me…better than fine..

I’m not a huge kid person – never have been – as some of you know, especially babies..I do love kids when they near 1 year old and during the formative years before 4…but I think Henry will always have my eye.  He is the son of Kate and Luke’s friends, Russ and Becky.  Henry is now two..just ask him…this kid can say Jethro’s BBQ and Jambalaya …when I asked him how old he was – he said two…he didn’t show me his fingers.

  A year ago, Russ, Becky and Henry were here for Kate’s birthday party and I taught him to throw his head back and laugh LOUD.  When I met Kate, Becky and Henry yesterday at the restaurant, Henry put his head back and laughed…LOUD…He’s adorable!!!! 

Some time 24 to 26 years ago, my dad and Jenny buried a time capsule in the yard.  Jenny was 6 or 8.  Jenny can only recollect the basic area where it was buried…I know my dad wouldn’t have buried it out in the middle of the yard and I’m sure he would have made some type of marking with rocks or something..but we have no idea.  He borrowed a metal detector from Bill at work hoping to get a hit…well, we did and were so excited…but it ended up just being a piece of metal.   Short of renting a back hoe and digging up a 20 square foot section of the back yard, I don’t know how we are going to find it.  Dad buried it in a coffee can so we may have to find/rent a heavy duty metal detector…I assume that is possible.  I was pretty sad last night as we wandered around searching the ground but Kate said it wasn’t over that we hadn’t tried everything.  We were going to take the time capsule to Jenny’s today and open it some time this week…One of them said we will just keep looking and it will be that much sweeter when we find it.

Off to Jenny’s for a few days..Phil has jail school until thursday so he and Lee (his brother) will be coming down thursday night.  So…

Until next time…

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  1. My favorite TJ product – their shopping bags! A friend recommended one of their mustards, but the store I visited had none. Figures 🙂


  2. I think the thing about TJs is it has items you can’t find other places for people on specialty diets which for folks who can’t find food at the regular grocery store being able to find things you can eat makes you very excited when you find them at TJs. You do realize how lucky you are that your hubby shops and cooks, don’t you??? I talked to Craig about the time capsule. He said the metal detector should have been set on iron mode or all metals mode but he said that the coffee can may be all rusted away but if they put coins in it there is still some hope. I’m crossing my fingers for you. @suzyQ_darnit – I remember you mentioning not being a baby person before. No wonder we like each other, I’m not, either. Craig was a good baby wrangler, too. I like that phrase.


  3. I wish we had a Trader Joe’s here; I have only been there once, but I was intrigued. There is one “must have” item that comes from there, a box of chocolate bars ( dark chocolate) that costs a dollar for a box of 5 bars, 3 WW points apiece. I can eat a third to half a bar and satisfy my chocolate cravings.I am not a kid person either, I like them better once they are school age and older. Babies are the hardest, even my own flummoxed me at times; my husband was the better baby wrangler.


  4. @Ninasusan – That’s nice. You guys are good parents even with your grown girls.


  5. @tracy – Jenny was asking about it – this was something just she and my dad did…I remember him mentioning it to me but I was way too busy in my life to remember something so trivial…It makes me very sad!


  6. What made you decide to try and find the time capsule?


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