So I called Winstream last known as Iowa Telecom to drop my service….They at least have one service rep that understands good service and knows what he is getting paid for.  He saved a customer…seriously.  I also asked him to flag the call so his supervisor could hear how he handled the call – he was professional, empathetic, courteous and helpful.  I was impressed!  So…I dropped the internet – actually he encouraged me to put it on hold for a year at no charge so that hopefully they will have some equipment upgrades and I will be able to get better service…seriously… he also put me on a list of potential drop customers who will be contacted should this equipment upgrade occur earlier than a year.  Holy crap..yes…then he offered me a $20 plan for just phone service…no fluff…no long distance..yes..sounds like a plan.  I will still be paying less per month for better internet and still have phone service…we won’t have caller ID so we probably won’t be answering the calls or at the very least monitoring them thru voice mail because I refuse to take a survey or talk to recorded politicians.  Use our cell phones to call us or be sure to say it is you when you get to the voice mail part….

I mowed a bit this morning until the tire went flat again.  I will try to finish it when “he” gets home from work and repairs the tire.

Looking forward to the week.  Kate is coming tomorrow – then we are going to KC to see Jenny.

Oh…and I took my friend, Nancy, to get a tattoo yesterday..she was on the table for an hour…it is beautiful.

I decided to get one on my toe and take off my toe ring that I’ve worn for 10 years.  Holy Mother of God it was painful.

Until next time….

7 thoughts on “

  1. Bumper sticker in my local tattoo shop: “Fuck yes, it hurts!”


  2. Gotta just love it when you actually get some service ppl who are actually doing their jobs and giving a crap! I love your tattoo, very cool! ya know where else it hurts? right by the is thin there! but so worth it lol


  3. Woah, that was some great customer service! I could never do a tattoo…voluntary needles???!!! NO WAY! šŸ˜‰


  4. Beautiful Tattoos! I have a tattoo on the same spot as  your friend…the only part of mine that hurt was the beak…it’s a Flamingo. I have 2 on my ankle though and those hurt pretty bad-I didn’t have much fat on my ankles back then! Still, I’m ready for another!


  5. I love both yours and hers!  Yours however is educational. It teaches me that I do not want a toe or finger tattoo! No more pain. šŸ™‚


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