No longer the victim….

That popped into my head this morning…it was empowering.    I think I wasted too many years being the person that things happened to and I didn’t think I had control to make changes. WOW.  The latest hate drama in my life is not a really big deal – say in 10 years…who will remember…who will care…you say you don’t really care now..well, I totally understand that.  Instead of being reactive and letting things happen to me…I’m feeling some power and that I can be proactive  so that the same things don’t continue happening.  I have choices.

US Bank crawled into my craw and sat their like a hemorrhoid for many years.  I bitched, moaned and put my propaganda out there then changed banks…

Nobel Ford just totally irritated me every which way…so I traded off the Fords and spoke up to anyone who would listen.

Windstream aka Iowa Telecom internet service and high phone bills has been eating at me for many years…slow  dial up – inability to get broadband for many years…breaking into the 21st century with broadband which drops several times a day. *hand on forehead…oh what to do.

Verizon!!  Went to Best Buy last night to see about getting a new wireless router since ours was very, very old..Best Buy talked us into getting a Verizon Hot Spot with 4G or 3G or even 2G which is a lot faster than Windstream…I’m having to change my email addresses all over the place today because Iowatelecom is going to be a bad memory…but it is worth it…also getting a little internet housecleaning done.  We will no longer have the email address…you can find me at which I’ve had for quite awhile..The Browns have also put life back into

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “No longer the victim….

  1. Go Nina! It’s such a good feeling, finding a way to stck it to the man. LOL Or at least get out of their greedy little clutches. Personal victories are the best! 


  2. Rock on !  I decided some time ago that I would shop/patronize businesses based on my personal beliefs.  I’m sure it makes no difference to their bottom line, but I feel one helluva lot better 🙂


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