I know I’m starting to sound like an old _________fill in the blank…but seriously

I pay $77.34 a month for a telephone and high speed internet…actually 1.5mb internet because that is the fastest I can get out here in the country in Central Iowa.  My internet provider/phone company does offer me call waiting, caller ID and something else I’ve never used for this $77.34 fee…I cancelled long distance on the phone several years ago so I didn’t have to pay the ridiculous jibberish fee for the privilage of dialing long distance.  I feel kind of bad complaining because I seem to complain a lot…but my high speed internet is not.  I have no other options other than a satellite company for internet.  I called Windstream which used to be Iowa Telecom which used to be United Telephone with maybe a company in between there…anyway…I asked them about dropping my landline service because I can just use our cellphones…but they told me that I have to have a phone line in order to get internet … but they can give me a phone line with unlimited in calls – outcalls 10 cents a minute with no special features for $47.33.  For the last two days, I haven’t had internet…well, I shouldn’t say no internet…I could load the first half of most pages and I could eventually get email to download after about an hour…so that to me is NO INTERNET.  I could have written a letter, put it in an addressed envelope, driven it to it’s destination and be back home before my email would load!!!! There was something wrong with something in a box up the road on some corner…and I’m back to the grand old 1.5 mb speed now. 

I’m irritated!!!

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “I know I’m starting to sound like an old _________fill in the blank…but seriously

  1. Nothing makes me crazier than the internet going out. It stinks not to have choices. 


  2. @tracy – Are you talking about the Swede? He was cute!!!


  3. We have the same problem here…out in the boonies, no cable available, at the mercy of the damn phone company. It does get frustrating! I wouldn’t dare try satallite internet,as the tv goes out every time it rains…


  4. I feel I should point out that central Iowa/Internet is an oxymoron. By the way, I was really nice of Tracy in the comment above to say I’m good looking and gentlemanly. 


  5. oh and now that I am on your site and not mine I can tell you that he was very good looking and gentlemenly!


  6. internet all seems to be monopolies these days, no options. I would like to know what people in places with options pay and get for their money.


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