The root of negativity?

I’ve been open to the control of negativity for so long that I really should be an expert.  1/8th of a teaspoon by 1/8th of a teaspoon, I scooped and scooped just to get my head above it.  I read everything I could get my hands on to help me get out of the negative funk..I read, I believed and kept scooping.  You are what you think.  If you accept negative thinking, you will be negative..the more negativity that you take in the more control it has over your every thought.  If you really think about it…everyone’s life drama is usually manifested in negative talk and behavior….I frequently think of cops and dispatchers – hammered with the public’s negativity from the moment they start their patrol car or sit at the dispatch console.  These professions are a very fertile feeding ground for negativity.  Drama and negativity breed negativity. 

How do you stop the craziness – the ugliness penetrating your mind?  Don’t know.  I’ve been trying self talk and it seems to be helping.  Like when someone pulls out in front of you at an intersection…instead of going bat-shit bonkers and initiate road rage…take a moment and think – have I ever turned out in front of someone, was their intention to piss me off, do they have something serious on their mind about the health of a loved one that is distracting them and most important…will it do me any good to freak out about something I really have no control to fix…who is it hurting…it is hurting me…so breath deep and get over it!    As far as my job is concerned, my personal mind control project is to try not to hate the ringing phone…I have a job…it is a good paying job, I have a lot of down time to make up for my moments filled with someones hysteria – whether justified hysteria or not…I have a choice..I can continue working here to support my life style or I can find another job.  It’s seems to be working.  As far as personal negativity goes…if I cannot remove myself from it, I self talk myself into not getting emeshed in someone else’s drama.  This still allows me to listen to them with compassion, empathize with them but I don’t have to be them. 

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “The root of negativity?

  1. Negetivity attracts other negetivity, too, but it sure can be hard to break the cycle! The sound of a phone ringing kind of drives me crazy, because in the stores where I work, it will ring and RING, and no one will answer it. I want to cut some wires after a while.


  2. I have found that sitting on my back porch in the evening and consuming a bottle of cabernet really helps, but I’m not sure that’s the best choice for everyone. Actually, I do exactly what you do, I talk myself through the situations. We can’t avoid the negative but we can choose how we will let us effect us .


  3. Wow – I have never thought about the root of negativity. I guess I can’t speak for anyone but myself but for me I guess there are a whole bunch of things that come into play but the biggest one is negative self esteem. When I feel bad about myself then I am always meaner and nastier to other people and don’t think to give them the benefit of the doubt. I think other things come into play – lack of sleep, poor diet, ongoing problems with other people but I think it all comes back to negative self esteem for me.I love how you always have these thought provoking posts.


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