…and another thing…if you haven’t worked for government where your “boss” is elected or reelected every four years, you haven’t been introduced to that workplace stress.  Elections this year will will bring forth the 4th sheriff I have worked under.  It’s good and it is bad.  With my history, every change has been exceedingly better..that is the good part…I have always applauded the change ….but change is change…election year is upon us and the standard inheritance of the Chief deputy to the sheriff’s position isn’t a sure thing this year…the republican committee in Jasper County is throwing a contestant out there.  It’s really no different that private employment where there is a job opening and several people want the job, therefore, go thru the interview process and someone wins.  But elections generally are uglier…I guess if you are not in a cave, you know how we dread election years…and the local county election isn’t nearly that dirty and dramatic..but when it messes with my peace of mind…any turmoil affects my psyche and that of my co-workers.  I wish there were a better way to accomplish this nasty political process; but, for now, I guess it is what it is!

I have figured out what I believe spiritually.  Figuring it out has been a 50 year process.  I finally feel at peace with my beliefs.  My questioning process and listening to what others say is “the answer” is shutting down.  There is very little light still coming under the door.  I know what I believe and I don’t really care if you agree with me or not…this is not anything I feel the need to talk about ….it’s what I believe and I’m no longer accepting opinions.  This paragraph is intended as an informative paragraph for those I’ve talked to about religion.  But I would like to thank the Tea Party and the preaching by the hate mongers from the pulpit for my clarification!

I feel that June is going to be a good month…I’m excited about my tentative plans.  Tentative only because plans can change…I feel peaceful.

Until next time….

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  1. It never occurred to me that your job could be affected by elections. Oh boy that would be a little mind boggling. I hope it doesn’t get too awful.I am glad you found your answers and peace. I love that you just don’t buy into what everyone says and that you search and explore until you find the right answer.


  2. There is something to be said for being at the point where you don’t need to talk and convince others that you are right, and they are wrong. It’s much nicer.


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