It’s my Friday – your Sunday or is it…….

If you read last nights blog, You will be happy to know that I slept reasonably well ..I did have some right leg movement – which I get sometimes when I’m still.  It is a wierd feeling around the ankle on my right leg…the leg and ankle attached to the knee that I had surgery on a few years ago after tearing two miniscus running from a burning tree that I set on fire for entertainment purposes.  The inside of the ankle also has some wierd little veiny color to it which makes it look like it belongs to an 85 year old rather than a woman my age.

We have a Friday off together today…It’s my last day off – I go back for the weekend…which is actually a good thing.  I love having my days off during the week when others are working…and I love working the weekend when the office is quiet and I’m not spending copious amounts of time transferring calls and weeding out calls for the sheriff and his second in command. 

He’s in “his” computer room aka the craft room this morning doing his first on line chat with someone from Rozetta Stone. He asked me to please not scream at the cat if he starts scratching on the door…. I can barely hear him but he sounds reasonably spanish intelligent..but then what do I know.  I didn’t make it past Lesson 2.  I may pickup on it later but right now it took way too much concentration for what I have left…especially when I have to vie for first place in the Angry Birds tournament with some co-workers, I have to worry about my position in Candy Crush and Words with Friends has me stressed out most days.

I have no idea what is on the agenda.  I would like to be on the sailboat but waiting to hear that the motor has been tweeked…He is afraid to take it out without the motor and try to sail ourselves back into the slip….and by golly, he IS the captain!

So…here’s to a good day.

Until next time….

One thought on “It’s my Friday – your Sunday or is it…….

  1. awww, I’m glad you slept. Ask Cap’n Phil if he wants a job. I still can’t find a Spanish speaking tech.  Driving me nuts!!


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