Coffee after 8 this evening

It’s been many years since I layed around in bed in the morning and dozed…but I did it today.  I was up around 8 but decided to lay down and read for awhile…the next thing you know it is a little after 11…HOLY CRAP!!!  I’m not quite sure what happened…I heard the Roomba start up it’s scheduled duty at 9 and I remember Truman chasing the blanket mice when I moved my feet and that is all I remember…I had an audiologist appointment at 1:30 and was very bummed that my morning was gone.  By the way.  I have a slight hearing loss in my right ear and a little more but still mild hearing loss in my left ear.  I have very attractive ear drums and virtually no wax.

After the appointment, I needed to take a couple of things back to a couple of was a set of brown square fiestaware that came very poorly packed and therefore scratched.  They don’t sell the square sets in the stores, so it will need to be re-ordered internet style.  I used the store credit to purchase some undergarments and a couple pair of capri type pants.  I say capri type because they are the shorter burmuda but the length is perfect capri length on me.  Then I had to take a couple of Land’s End dresses back to Sears.  They were too long and I’m just not in to hemming! l Without much time to spare, I made it back to Newton to dine with “him” at Okoboji…thought of Tracy and almost had the mediteranean pasta…I can’t spell it so hopefully you can sound it out.

I purchased some boxes of K-cups – new coffee I hadn’t had before, so while we were skyping aka google + with the girls tonight, I had two cups of coffee…it was good..but since I slept late and now had 2 cups of coffee past 8, I’m doubting that slumber will come…who knows.  I try to think positive and not set myself up for defeat…But, wow…thoughts are shooting around inside my mind like a racket ball. 

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Coffee after 8 this evening

  1. Haha, ” blanket mice”! Cute!I don’t drink coffee but those machines are pretty neat. If I did, I would have to have one.


  2. I drink far less coffee with my Keurig now. It’s because I was making big giant mugs now I make KCup size.I discovered Bermuda’s this year!! They are the perfect length for me. Capri’s in my size go to my ankles and i have ankle length pants.I would like some med pasta right now!


  3. @skanickadee – I slept..but not a long time.  I love my Keurig.  It is a little expensive to drink coffee that way but when I first purchased it, I had self control as to how many cups I would have a day…but now I don’t :I


  4. Well, did you get any sleep? If I drank coffee I would have to get one of those machines with the K cups. I think those are so cute.


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