YAY for you…

It’s time for you to be part of my therapy again.

If you see me in a business…it means that this is my first time there or they treat me right – with the exception of Walmart…I HATE Walmart.  I guess I don’t really hate Walmart…I hate the way Walmart treats their employees, I hate their anti union stance, I hate their poor management…I hate the Newton Walmart, but basically, I find the same problems with all Walmarts.

You won’t find me in a US BANK unless circumstances require me to be there…circumstances not of my doing.  I hate US BANK…no news there.

I hate NOBLE FORD in Newton.  Unless NOBLE Ford and I are left after the predicted biblical rapture – which they will be – you will not see me at Noble Ford in Newton.

Well, another business is making my list.  This is the second time they have treated me like sea weed from the bottom of their boat motors.  They have not cared about my business for the second time.  They are such a busy business, they say, that they can be assholes to the exact same public that they say they want to serve.  After the arrogant, snippy asshole said to “him”  – WELLLLLL I can’t tell you when they will be down to get the motor off your boat – maybe tomorrow – maybe not tomorrow – this is summer boating season…there is no magic button to push here we will be down there when we can…and then I asked him which Malone he was and he said Tim and wanted to know how I knew he was a Malone – I said because I was born at night but not last night – “He” says I should have said because of the stupid look on your face….At any rate…there is a wonderful boat dealer out of Knoxville – Outdoorsman Ultimate Repair…He wanted my business and was able to give me a time frame to look into the work I needed done.  I wasn’t asking for much.  I should have listened to the folks who said…you don’t want to deal with Malones…but I wouldn’t listen.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “YAY for you…

  1. Back when I was a service trainer and then manager at the “big chain” restaurant I would teach my employees that the CUSTOMER was their boss and if they were anything less than polite to the customers then they would be looking for a job elsewhere because without those customer’s butts in our seats we would cease to exist.


  2. I think that is the one thing that drives me from a business faster than anything else. That attitude of them thinking I need them, more than they need me or that their time is more valuable than mine. Stupid arrogance that costs them money.


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