Life is better at 50

So…I read online that Thomas Kinkade died of natural causes at the age of 54.  How could dying at age 54 be natural? Furthermore, what does natural causes mean in the first place?  Does that mean that he wasn’t murdered nor did he end it himself.  Natural causes…and what age can you really say natural causes…at the age that insurance actuaries say you have a reasonable chance to die?

54 is young…life changes at 50…for the better for the most part…so many reasons why it does…the only reason why I would want to go thru the early decades again is to take better care of my body and only if I could take with me the knowledge that life does get better.

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5 thoughts on “Life is better at 50

  1. Exactly.  When I see the phrase “natural causes” in relation to deaths my age and younger, I can’t help but think that they are anything but natural.


  2. I’m with you. and imo there is nothing natural about dying at 54!


  3. I think natural causes means we don’t really want to share what really happened but he died so we have to say something. Very sad. Too young.


  4. I don’t get that, either; that’s awfully young, and seems like something had to fail.


  5. “natural causes” i’ve always taken to mean how many old people die but not someone 54


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