Edit – if Micky doesn’t move…no one cares

I found the mouse in the hobby room…he was up against the door in the blanket that I had layed on the floor to keep him from getting into MY area of the house.  I carried Baxter over to him…he stepped over to him and went to the kitchen for a snack…I picked up Billy and put him in front of him…Billy stepped over him..oh for crying out loud.  I went to get the broom to push him out the door…..

I give up….the mouse is now outside…run little mouse..run….

5 thoughts on “Edit – if Micky doesn’t move…no one cares

  1. It’s a little Tom and Jerry going on. i think they bring the mice in to play in the first place. My cat does the same thing. He’ll leave me dead ones on the front porch, but show him a live one in the house and he’s not interested. Love the pic!


  2. Fearsome hunter kitties…NOT! 😉


  3. Too FUNNY!  My dogs don’t kill mice.  They watch the mice. I have seen a mouse come out and climb into the dog bowl and take a piece of food while a dog is eating. At least you have good Karma building. :)How do you feel about centipedes?


  4. Wow – I have never heard of cats like that. Hahaha! Well, glad Mickey is out of the house.


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