Easter thoughts

Why do people who don’t go to church during the year show up at church on Easter Sunday morning.   

When I was a child, I always wore a hat and white gloves to church on Easter Sunday…along with a new easter dress…it was important to Helen to go to church on Easter Sunday.  Apparently it wasn’t important to go to church any other Sunday of the year.  Perhaps one Sunday will do it.  Puts a lot of pressure on the minister, I would think.

Thank Goodness with Easter comes the freedom to wear my white sweatpants…I love them and I will be honest…I did wear them not too long ago but I kept looking over my shoulder for the “don’t wear white pants, shoes or carry white purses before easter” police.

As a “weight watcher”, I’m rather irritated that I cannot eat my stomach full of chocolate eggs today.  Oh..I could..there is no can’t in WW – Becky – our WW goddess tells us it is a choice – you can eat snickers candy bars and pepsi all day if you want to but you have to count up the points…so I choose not to eat a chocolate easter egg…

For my easter dinner, I had salmon pattys and lettuce salad with dressing.  This is a treat for me…but right now I’m kind of focused on the candy left over on the counter by the coffee pot…

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Easter thoughts

  1. @strawberryfieldsgirl – you make a good point about the Easter services and music…same around Christmas time…perhaps that is the reason.  


  2. Because we “mean” to get to church more often. We promise ourselves we will…and things come up and stuff happens and it gets put on the back burner…but then it’s Easter and we loved Easter services when we were kids, and we loved the music on Easter and so we’ll go and start back better this year….That’s why. I think Jesus would understand a heart like mine….I didn’t go this year tho, drove by an Episcopal church that was hugely thriving. Ours is a little chapel that is barely getting by. Also drove by a lot of little baptist churches out in the middle of the boonies here in NC. I would’ve loved to checked them out. I bet they’re the ones where the ppl sing and dance and throw their hands in the air with a lot of Amen Brothers…but they’d probably have told us to get our rednecks out of there until we were “dressed” for church. or they might’ve been the snake bite churches which would just be scary. 🙂


  3. People showing up at Easter is nice, I think. And you never know, maybe they will feel comfortable enough to come other times as well. I am on Weight Watchers, but I have tasted several different items today that I would not want to be around much. I had to take the desserts today(!) and I just wrapped and froze all the leftovers in small portions. Also I only made one chocolate item, my point of least resistance. Sounds like your willpower is going strong! Happy Easter!


  4. So there were three local churches. They were all infested with squirrels. One church body met and decided that if the squirrels were there it was because God wanted them there so they left them alone and let them stay. The second church trapped them and let them go about ten miles away and they all came back. The minister of the third church said hey, I have an idea! Lets baptize them and make them members and then we’ll only see them on Christmas and Easter! Hahahaha. ;-P


  5. I don’t know why people do that. I always thought it was weird.I would throw the candy in the garbage if you really don’t want to eat it and it is too much of a temptation. If I was going to be really bad I would be eating Peeps right now. I do love Peeps but I like them stale.Take care and have a good day Nina!


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