May I whine

  • Madonna – boring…In some freakish obscure place in the back of my mind, I hoped she would end up naked on the stage so the media would move from politics.
  • Moderation is a good thing.  Too much fruit in order to: 1.  Stay on points target for WW and 2.  Stay healthy is not a good thing.
  • I’m just not feeling well – headache/stomach hurts and I have bouts of ewwwww
  • My anxiety level is making me breathless.  I’ve been all over the United States – flown over the Pacific – slept in truck lanes of Ohio truck stops…but Ecuador?  I’m not sure what is going on here?
  • CPAP users – yes…you should use the humidifier portion of your CPAP especially in the winter time.  It has made a huge difference in my sinus issues…TMI?  I think the headache today is from the over indulgence in natural fruit sugar (see bullet number 2) or maybe I just have something?
  • It is off and on snowing

I’m going back to bed to watch some recorded TV and doze.

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “May I whine

  1. @BoulderChristina – I live in Newton.  Had a niece who lived and worked in Sioux Falls – Ashley Deniger…is it a small world or not?


  2. @BoulderChristina – Pleasure trip…and it was pleasure!!!  11 days..rolled back into Iowa at 2300 last night – should say flew back into Iowa 🙂


  3. Ecuador? What are you doing there?


  4. I sure hope you saw my reply to your comment!I’m sorry you are having anxiety.  You travel so much, I didn’t realize you had travel anxiety.  I’m sorry.  I hope it all gets better.  Too much fruit can be wicked on the system.  I hope you are feeling better.I am fortunate that we have hot water heat.  It is so much easier on the sinuses.


  5. I’m doing WW, too! I love that fruit is “free”, but…Another thing to watch out for is Fiber One products; they have a backlash, too!I only watched the halftime show so I could talk about it with my daughter. I was just happy I knew the main performer!


  6. awww, some days are good to just stay in bed. I watched NONE of the Super Bowl including the commercials or the half time show. Lovely. :)Hope you feel better soon Nina chickie. I would be anxious about going to Ecuador too!


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