Things as they appear

Often I’m totally stunned when I hear someone voice something so opposite of my views that it would appear they are here visiting from a different galaxy.  For the most part, I feel free to express myself when necessary..but, I very seldom argue or initiate conversation with someone or about something where there is no middle ground at all.  If they want to sit down and have a discussion and explain to me what they think – bring it on – you can always learn something by keeping your mouth shut and your ears open.  I think a good old fashion discussion is good for the soul…but arguing about stuff worlds apart  is just not worth it.  I don’t want to defend myself and have no desire to be forced to listen to their rants….and if we totally differ, do they really want to listen to my rants..uh, no.

Which leads me:  I am not picking on Paula Deen any way, shape or form…this is just about a couple of blogs which obviously stirred up a lot of conversation on line and off line.  What really has surprised me is the degree of agreement or disagreement.  My initial thoughts were – who cares..why does the media think this is news..gossip shows – of course, but the main stream media..give me a break…she has diabetes – then as the story progresses, she has had diabetes for awhile and then a drug company hired her to advertise for them, thus she comes out of the pantry.  This is no different than any other crap that comes out of the mouths of the “designated publics right to know people”.  What surprises me …. before she came out – she was the adorable, southern speaking, closet smoking, eat your butter it is good for you Paula Deen…now she is defended by half the modern world and hated by the other half.  I’m soooo soooo surprised by the strong opinions on both sides.  It’s like a line has been drawn in the cake batter between those that do and those that don’t. Whatever your opinon – go for it – but for goodness sake – respect the person with the opposite opinion..they have just digested the information with different filters.

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7 thoughts on “Things as they appear

  1. yep,what Tracy said. Can’t say it any better. And Tracy I always have that second thought you put up there too. I so can’t stand disingenuous ppl…so does that mean I am one?  makes ya wonder huh. hahaha


  2. @tracy – I know..when I was spewing my perceived knowledge, I wondered if I fit the mold..I don’t feel like I do inside my head and I do enjoy the gift of gab and learning things from others but I can hardly tolerate hard headed assholes who don’t respect my right to opinion.


  3. I think if any of these people who are so quick to judge were offered the kind of money she was offered to be the public face for a drug like she was, they wouldn’t be so quick to judge.  If she is using the drug and it is working for her so what let her do the endorsement.  And for all those people who were wagging their fingers at her saying look what you have done to yourself and others. get off your high horse.  I knew two adult women who weren’t overweight and were fairly active and they both developed Type 2 Diabetes.  It happens.  People need to stop judging people about their health issues.I think if you look at any cooking show, except for the one or two that are geared to healthy eating, they all show higher calorie foods.  Why?  Because face it, no one wants to see a cooking show making boneless, skinless chicken breasts and steamed veggies.  Just because you see something on TV doesn’t mean you have to do it.  It is “entertainment.”   


  4. @tracy – You are truly amazing.  I think you hit the nail on the head.


  5. Wait..following that train of thought…if those kind of people are the people that really bother me, then I must be one of those type of people.  May have to rethink this.


  6. I have the same reaction when I suddenly hear something that is polar opposite from my opinion. This is especially startling when it’s from someone I know reasonably well. I just assume they are thinking correctly, like me. No point at all in arguing, just makes for bad feelings. In regards to Paula Deen, I think there is a group of people who just get really excited and vocal when they get to prove that they are right and that most people are disingenuous and deceitful and they think Paula Deen’s actions show this. The people who get so excited by this are the ones that I think you really need to be wary off, it’s the old saying about being most annoyed by the faults in others that you yourself are guilty of. People who try that hard to show everyone else in such a bad light are just trying to make sure no one looks to closely at them.


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